About Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic tattooing/Permanent Make Up techniques have been used to enhance and correct facial and body features for centuries in the east and decades in the west. Techniques have since been developed to create natural results with minimum complications. Cosmetic tattooing can be used to enhance, correct, camouflage and re-shape features to help you look your possible best.

Initially, cosmetic tattoos just like conventional body tattoos used manual techniques that would “tap” needles dipped in dye into the skin. This method although effective, consumes a lot of time and is more painful for the client. Also, manual cosmetic tattooing techniques did not allow for some of the effects modern technology can now create.

Cosmetic tattooing procedures now involve an electrical tattoo pen, that automatically and rapidly insert dye in to the skin using needles. This way consistency in the depth of the insertion is insured, thus resulting in an even, natural look. Inks/dyes have also come a long way in cosmetic tattooing, They tend to be more sympathetic to the skin and facial tones and fade without discolouration.

Contrary to popular belief, cosmetic tattooing is a permanent procedure. It is a common misconception that it is a semi-permanent procedure. Cosmetic tattoos tend to fade more and quicker than body tattoos, this is due to the fact that they are inserted at different depths, more subtle tones are used and they are located on the face, which is constantly exposed to the harsh environment.

About Our Technician – Atena Leon

Atena Leon-Bahmani has been the qualified senior practitioner at MCT for over 15 years. Her experience, attention to detail along side her artistic flair has helped her build a seamless reputation rapidly.

Atena studied cosmetic tattooing within Sydney, Australia and traveled to Hong Kong to learn traditional and manual methods of tattooing. Also in years of tattooing hundreds of clients, she has developed her own techniques and methods. “I use the latest digital machinery from Europe that ensure tattoo sessions are as swift and pain free as possible. Digital tattoo machines also provide precision and consistency in pigment. Another part of the process that is as equally important is the consultation. I always ensure that all of my clients’ concerns and questions are addressed prior to any procedure. We use conventional makeup to help project what the final result could be.”

“It is my policy to always approach tattooing in a conservative manner. Contrary to popular belief, cosmetic tattooing is NOT semi-permanent. The permanence and longevity of the tattoo is all dependent on the client’s skin biological composition and lifestyle. The same pigment colour and tattooing method can be used on two clients, one which may last a few years and the other decades and hence it is naive to approach cosmetic tattooing with the preconceived notion that it will last a few years only. It will fade, but not completely. My conservative approach outlines the fact that this is potentially permanent, therefore it is easier to add than to take away. Hence thickness, shape and colour depth are all initially conservatively applied and should a client want to add more thickness or depth it will be done in the post 8 week checkup.”

In addition to her qualifications in the Hair & Beauty industry, Atena is also known for her art work. It’s her natural artistic flare which enforces the attention to detail that sets her apart from the rest of the make-up and tattoo industry. You can see examples of her artwork below. You can view her full portfolio of tattoos,  within our “Gallery” section.