eyeliner-tattoo-cosmetic-2Eyeliner tattoo is used to shape, define, lift and enhance the eye. Uneven shaped/small/pale eyes can benefit from eyeliner tattooing. A tapered line is drawn along the upper or lower eyelid, some times from the inner corners to the outer edge or midway across the lid to the outer edges. Eyeliner tattoo is very intricate with beautiful results.

Eyeliner Tattoo Methods

A few different methods can be used to enhance the eyes. A lashline finish is usually used for subtle enhancements. This is when we intricately draw a thin line amongst the eyelashes to give an illusion of thick lashes at the same time as defining the shape. Lashline tattooing usually yields very natural look. Another approach would be a more tapered and winged eyeliner. This look is more prominent and recommend for those who are daily make up wearers, the winged and tapered line is perfect for an instant eye lift!
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Eyeliner Benefits:

  • No smudging or smearing
  • Great for hayfever sufferers
  • Can be as subtle or dramatic as desired
  • Wake up with perfect eyes every morning
  • Great for contact lens wearers or those who wear glasses.