Threading is an ancient technique used to remove unwanted hair. It utilises a thread, where the thread is twisted and then rolled onto the skin. Hair get caught within the twists and are pulled out from the root. This technique is used predominantly on the face. Threading is considered superior to waxing due to its many advantages.

Threading Benefits:

  • Great for those with highly sensitised skin or those allergic to wax.
  • Removes more hair than wax. This is because wax can only remove hair that is at a certain length (>3mm) where as threading can remove hair that is 1mm in length. This means a cleaner finish is achieved.
  • Threading lasts longer. This because it removes more hair than waxing. Lasts 4-8 weeks, as opposed to waxing lasting only 3-6 weeks.
  • Does not remove a layer of skin like waxing does. As a matter of fact it induces blood flow to the area, which in turn encourages healthier skin. g

There’s more control when threading therefore in eyebrow shaping a more accurate shape is achieved.